Why Choose Us?

Popcorn IT Trusted Services

Popcorn IT services are one of the most trusted services rated by our clients. Since 2020, the company has been working with different clients and customers with more than 95% of success records.

Popcorn IT Employees

Popcorn IT has a team of 10 years of experienced professionals who give deliberate results according to the client's needs. We have one of the most talented professionals for Digital Marketing, Streaming, and Software professionals.

Popcorn IT Services

Popcorn IT provides a wide range of services in Digital Marketing, Streaming in gaming as well as software services based on technology such as Java, Struts, Hibernate, Oracle, SQL Server, NET, etc.

Meet Our Team

Rudresh Joshi

Popcorn IT Lead(Client-Relationship)

Being in expertise as a client-relationship lead, I have been with Popcorn IT LLC since it started. I am proud to be one of its family members.

Jivya Jain

Popcorn IT Lead (Business Development Manager)

I work for Popcorn IT LLC for Setting goals and develop plans for business and revenue growth. Researching, planning, and implementing new target market initiatives. Helping companies and startups grow their business for the last 8 years.

Dr.Ashutosh Kumar

Popcorn IT Lead(Data Analyst)

Ph.D.(Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati) in "Nanotechnology," I have found myself interested in the biomedical domain of nanotechnology. Popcorn IT LLC professionals are highly skilled and experts in their job, especially in their digital marketing department. their service is well shown in their work.